sparkbird | Brand Identity

The newly branded R&D lab at WZMH is now is now taking flight. sparkbird focuses on innovative solutions for the built environment. Thought-provoking, state-of-the-art ideas aim to generate new efficiencies in construction through the reduced consumption of energy and materials. Accordingly, sparkbird R&D is centered around off-site construction, IoT use in buildings, and new methods of construction.


The name sparkbird is known as the first bird that sparks one’s interest in birding. It represents a powerful moment that inspires new feelings and ideas which can have a profound impact on the course of one’s life. For us, that moment was when we developed our first advanced building product that helped propel our concepts and ideas onto an international stage. We feel this name encapsulates the spirit of the lab, which is focused on igniting innovation, growth, and forward-thinking ideas.