Hello, I am an Artist & Designer Ruta Kraujutyte.

(but you can call me Ruta Krau)

Since childhood I was surrounded by art. From watching my grandfather making beautiful woodwork and graphic design pieces, to going to art school which allowed experimentation with different visual art mediums. That led me to achieve a bachelor's degree of Architecture.

Art. In my paintings I strive to demonstrate a fusion of abstraction and symbolism. It is a perfect medium to express my spirituality, dreams and imagination. Symbols used have deep personal meaning.

Photo. I specialize in architectural photography at the same time adoring street photography with a focus on people. The urge to capture images caught me while wandering Portugal streets. My goal is to showcase the play of light and shadow, different shapes and textures as well as convey the significance of scale.


Design. I consider myself as a minimalist designer with an approach "Less is more" and questions "Why?". I believe in collected, simple and sometimes playful visual approach.

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On the Boards

Working as an Associate, Photographer & Visual Designer @ WZMH Architects
since 2017
Honors & Awards

Promotion to Associate
2020, WZMH Architects, Toronto, Ontario

Oxford Global Hackathon
Finalist (
WZMH Architects)
2019, Toronto, Canada

International Photography Grant
Nominee of the project 'Rough Brutalism'

2018, London, UK

‘Zango Bulevar’ | Materplan for Angola
Architecture Award, 1st place (OOIIOO Architecture)

2015, Madrid, Spain

'Hotel Benidorm' | Matimex International Architecture Prize
Finalist (OOIIOO Architecture)

2015, Madrid, Spain

‘Urban Frame. Dual Architecture.’ | Architectural Photography Workshop and Exhibition
Leader, Organizer, Events Manager. In collaboration with Birute Petruskaite

2015 -2016, Vilnius, Lithuania
Exhibitions & Publications

'Menas be Stogo'| Virtual Art Exhibition
Photograph called 'Incognito' 
2022, Vilnius, Lithuania

INSIGHT - The Art of Living
Magazine photography feature (cover & article)

sothebysrealty.ca and
2022, Sotheby's

'N-D Narrative Dimension'
Feature on limited-edition book showcasing selected works of 22 international photographers  

timespaceexistence.com and here
2021, European Cultural Centre

'This is a cool idea, let's build it right away!' is driving force behind WZMH's new Lab
Interview (WZMH Architects)

theglobeandmail.com and here    
2021, The Globe and Mail

'TIME SPACE EXISTENCE' | Biennial Architectural Photography Exhibition
Project called 'Portraits: Shaped in Concrete'
https://timespaceexistence.com/ and here
2021, European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy

'Menas be Stogo'| Outdoor Art Exhibition
Photograph called 'The wave' 
https://www.govilnius.lt/menas-be-stogo and here
2021, Vilnius, Lithuania

'Menas be Stogo'| Virtual Art Exhibition
Photograph called 'With thyself' 
2020, Vilnius, Lithuania

Drasios Dizaineres Pedomis (Following Brave Designer's Footsteps)

2019, Juste magazine

'Ruta Krau: Rough Brutalism'
Photography Feature

2019, International Photography Magazine

Artwork of 85 Valentines for Architects and (Architecture) Lovers 
Illustration Feature

2019, Archdaily.com

'Intelligent Structural Panel'
Magazine cover, article illustrations

canadianconsultingengineer.com architectblueprint.com
2018, Architect Blueprint Magazine

‘Poetics of Light’ | Photography Exhibition
2018, Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA

'Photographic Gallery Captures the Rough Brutalism of Toronto's Andrews Building' 
Photography Feature

2018, Archdaily.com

'Aabybro School' 
Photography Feature

urbannext.net dezeen.com