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Hello, I am an Artist & Designer Rūta Kraujutytė.

(but you can call me Ruta Krau)

Since childhood, I have been immersed in the world of arts. I grew up observing my grandfather create stunning woodwork and graphic design pieces, which sparked my own passion for visual expression. I pursued my love for art by attending Arts Gymnasium in Kaunas, Lithuania, where I had the opportunity to experiment with various mediums and techniques. Later on, I furthered my studies in architecture, both in Lithuania and Portugal. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Art. In my paintings, I strive to achieve a fusion of abstraction and symbolism, creating a powerful medium through which I can express my spirituality, dreams, and imagination. The symbols I employ hold profound personal significance, adding layers of depth and resonance to my work.

Photo. I specialize in architectural photography while simultaneously having a deep admiration for street photography, particularly with a focus on capturing people. The passion for capturing captivating images took hold of me as I wandered the streets of Portugal. My ultimate goal is to showcase the interplay of light and shadow, the diverse range of shapes and textures, and to convey the significance of scale within my photographs.


Design. I consider myself a minimalist designer who embraces the philosophy of "Less is more" and constantly seeks to understand the underlying "Why?" behind every design decision. I firmly believe in the power of a collected, simplistic aesthetic and often incorporate playful elements into my visual approach.

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